Abundance Acres Farm LLC Wildcrafted CSA

Wildcraft CSA

I am happy to announce my newest venture.  Memberships are currently available for the 2016 Wildcraft CSA, which starts this month, June 2016!  We are based out of Strafford, NH.  Formerly an alpaca farm, Abundance Acres LLC is branching out into other avenues!

CSA Members will receive:

  1. Monthly shares of herbal preparations, including tinctures, salves, syrups, and vinegars (June through November)
  2. Free participation in one monthly class about foraging and/or using foraged materials.  Ex.  poison ivy remedy, elderberry syrup, herbal ferments such as elderflower champagne.  50% off additional classes each month.
  3. Information sheets about each of the herbs and preparations provided in the share box.
  4. One-on-one consultation at share pickup.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  This model allows participants to invest in a farm in advance of the season for a set fee.  For their investment, participants pick up a weekly share of in season vegetables, meats, flowers, eggs, berries and other farm products.  CSA’s vary farm by farm with the types of products that they supply.  The Wildcrafted CSA expands on the CSA model by offering education and products which use plants that are locally available.  If you’ve ever wanted to get your feet wet with foraging for wild foods and incorporating them into your food and health care regimen, this is a perfect way to synch up with what is seasonally available in your area.

All of the herbs and other products provided are either organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted in New Hampshire.

How does it work?

Once a month from June through November members receive a package of various herbs and preparations.  A share could include syrups, dried herbs, fresh herbs, tinctures, vinegars, infused oils, nut flours, dried mushrooms etc.  Each monthly share will include information sheets about how to use the items provided.  Shares can be picked up at the monthly classes OR arrangements can be made for alternate meeting places and possible mailed shares for those not close who would like to participate.  Suggestions are welcome for classes and products.

Sample Monthly Share:  (will include four of the following)

1.  2 ounce salve

2. 4 ounce bug spray

3. 2 ounce dried herb

4. 1 or 2 ounce tincture

5.  4 ounce herbal syrup

6.  2 ounce infused oil

7. 8 ounce herbal vinegar

Classes might include:

1. Wild Plant ID and usage

2. Making herbal bug spray

3.  Poison Ivy Remedy

4. Elderberry syrup

5. Herbal Ferments

6. Making tinctures and decoctions


Seasonal Membership in the CSA is $300-.  Monthly shares can be mailed for an additional fee.  Not sure if this service is for you?  Try the Seasonal Sampler Membership for $150-


To sign up please email JENQ@TDS.NET or call 603-731-1182

Foraging Classes By Request:

In addition to the classes offered here at Abundance Acres Farm, I am available for a fee to come a location of your choosing to teach a class on the local wild edibles and medicinals.  Call or email for details.


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